A Rank 1 Zakana unit

The Zakana is a hybrid support unit with high weapon fire speed. Without any upgrades, the Zakana is merely a fast firing unit. The Team Vigor upgrade allows the Zakana to take on a support role by boosting attack power of nearby units. Although it's damage output is low compared to other units, the Ultra Amplifier and Shield Disruptor upgrades help boost the Zakana's effectiveness. The only downside is that the Zakana only has a base health value of only 19HP, so it is easily destroyed.


Team Vigor - Provides a small attack power boost to all units in range

Shield Disruptor - Grants weapon shots a chance to destroy enemy shields

Ultra Amplifier - Greatly boosts attack power

Zakana GEdit

The Zakana G is exclusive to the mobile version of the game, and upgrades from the Zakana at Rank VII. It fires more projectiles compared to the Zakana, and does much more damage.