Valerion Orb

A Valerion Orb in the Unit Bank.

The Valerion Orb is a rare unit that is exclusive to the mobile version of Enigmata: Stellar War. A Valerion Orb has no offensive capability by itself, their primary function being to combine in sets of 3 via an upgrade. Doing so will create a powerful unit called Valerion.


  • Matrix Enhancer
  • Gold Generator
  • Valerion - Combines 3 Valerion Orbs to form Valerion. Does not work in Formation Editor. Costs 150,000 G.


While its rarity seems to be the same as that of other rare units, it commonly drops off Villalobos upon his defeat.



  • 3 Valerion Orbs also show up on Valerion as its method of attack, similar to the Arcane Slaves of the Arcane Wrath.
  • Valerion Orbs are mobile units, and tend to hover in a small area around the position they were placed on. As such, they are not affected by team buffs such as Team Integrity.