Thor Rank VI

A Thor is a ultra rare unit that has multiple abilities and is somewhat a multipurpose unit. It has abilities similar to the Nyon Exists and Arcane Wrath, by being able to use a shield along with dealing damage and also taking control of units and turning them into Thor's Minions when they are destroyed.

Damage ~ 70 on lvl 1.


Thor Shield: Damage reduction by 40% and reflects enemy fire. Cost: 2,500,000(1 level)

Team Integrity: All units in range get +3-17 hp (10 levels)

Thor Minions: Convert enemies into Thor minions. Number controlled based on level (3 levels)

Rarity and drop requirements Edit

- Requirement 1: The game generates random number between 0 and 1. If the value is smaller than: 0.00003 (for Premium members) and 0.00003/50 (for regular) - then proceed to Requirement 2.

- Requirement 2: Level > 9 (i.e. drops only on Tesire or later)

If all 2 of the above are achieved, the killed unit drops Thor.

Maximal amount of Thor that you can have (field + inventory): 2

/Taken directly from the game code./



  • Thor's "arms" are separate units, like Arcane Slaves on the Arcane Wrath. Like the Arcane Slaves, they are the units that do the firing.
  • Thor is referred to as male in the Bonus Content menu of the Flash version of the game. More specifically, the description for Thor states: "Shoots powerful bolts of lightning with the ability to convert enemies to his minions."