Tesla Rank VII

The Tesla (misspelt as Telsa in the Flash version of the game) is a semi-rare unit that shoots out beams of electricity and has the ability to stun units. Its upgrades consist of an attack power boost, an increase in targeting speed and a chance to stun enemy units.


  • Dexterity Boost: reduces delay from 5.9 to 4.4 (10 levels)
  • Ultra Amplifier: +35-215% attack power (10 levels)
  • Stun Blast: +10%-100% stun chance.(10 levels)

Rarity and drop requirements Edit

- Requirement 1: The game generates random number between 0 and 1. If the value is smaller than 0.00015 then proceed to Requirement 2.

- Requirement 2: Level > 5 (i.e. drops only on Omnifar or later)

If all 2 of the above are achieved, the killed unit drops Tesla.

Maximal amount of Tesla that you can have (field + inventory): 3

/Taken directly from the game code./