Tech Center

Tech Center Rank V

The Tech Center is a vital building that is required to use any of the advanced units. If destroyed, it will inflict the EMP effect to all advanced units. The Tech Center has some good support upgrades that increase gold and rare drops.

When using multiple Tech Centers, the Zava Detector upgrade stacks properly up to 3, at which point the upgrade starts to have the opposite effect, and decreases rare unit drop chance.


  • Zava Detector: +5% chance of finding rare units (1 level)
  • Gold Generator: Generate 150-600 gold every 10 seconds (10 levels)
  • Terra Alloy: +15-150 hp (10 levels) (Flash Only)
  • Titan Booster: Gives Titan Barriers 25 extra health, but can only be purchased after defeating Villalobos. (Mobile Only)



  • The Tech Center is the only unit to support another type of unit (Titan Barriers) only.