These are the special effects your units can inflict in enemies and viceversa.

Negative effec​​tsEdit

Note: Some enemies and most bosses have resistanse to negative effects; this happens mostly in later levels.

  • Chaos: Moves and fires erratically, capable of hiting its allies.
  • Darkness: Unit is totally disabled and cannot be affected by anything; rounds will pass through.
  • Ghost: Allies are converted into enemies, and viceversa.
  • Repulse: Unit is pushed backwards (only available for the Core Blaster).
  • Attraction: Unit is attracted to the enemy who inflicted this status (only available for Assassin, Gravity Device (From skill) and Void Neg).
  • Slow: Unit is slowed down. Affects movement and fire rate.
  • Stun: EMP effect. Only affects weapons (and prevents cloaking of Devas Terror and its Demi-crafts).
  • Devastation: When unit is destroyed, the explosion damages allies.
  • Infected: Unit is totally disabled and can infect other units (only in Fion Drone Dump Site).

Positive effectsEdit

  • Overcharge: Unit receives a general boost (only produced by Chargor and affects adjacent units).
  • Cloak: Unit cannot be targeted (only the Mega-craft Devas Terror and its Demi-crafts can use this ability).
  • Enrage: Unit's weapons go into overcharge status (only Mega-crafts/Demi-crafts may enrage).