Oblivion Edit

Oblivion (Stellar Wars)

Oblivion is a very powerful ship that is only spawned from using the skill. It's description is that it is the ultimate destructive force in the galaxy.

Properties Edit

Oblivion gets increased health, damage, etc as you level up his skill. He also despawns after a while.


Oblivion looks like a yellow and white ship, with four self rotating cannons that shoot powerful orange lasers. Oblivion also glows a lot. (See at image to right)

Glitch Edit

Occasionally, if Oblivion is destroyed near a ZAC fighter, a pair of Oblivion arms will appear on it. They are fully functional and will engage and inflict massive damage on enemies. The ZAC fighter will continue to search for and attack enemies, and its normal weapons will remain functional. The arms will disappear if the ZAC fighter is destroyed or if the round ends. Though now, it just seems to crash the game. (Copied from ZAC Assimilator page)