Nexxon phasor

A Nexxon Phasor

Basic mid damage weapon with the ability to turn foes against themselves. This unit is the weaker version of the Nyon Exist. It can be unlocked after the Vira Healer for 3500 gold. The Nexxon Phasor has longer range than the standard unit range but has a much longer delay between attacks. The delay can be reduced using the Dexterity Boost upgrade by up to a second.


Stat Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V Rank VI Rank VII Rank X
HP 16 26 37 49 63
Damage 27 27 54 54 81
Range 26 26 26 26 26
Delay 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8


Dexterity Boost - Reduces the delay by up to 1 second.
Spirit Orb - Increases the EXP gain by up to 410%
Ghost Phasor - Gives kill shots a chance to convert the enemy unit to your side.

Cold PhasorEdit

The Cold Phasor is exclusive to the mobile version of the game, and upgrades from the Nexxon Phasor at Tier VII. It gains the ability to inflict Stun on enemies. It is also smaller.