Flash Lyra

Lyra in the Flash version of the game.

Lyra is the third to board the Command Base in the game. She was an employee of GigaCorp and leaves as soon as both Genu and Neko arrive for her.

Personality Edit

Lyra is not a typical femme fatale that destroys everything on sight. Instead, she's an intelligent girl that prefers to go for an strategy and deliver a hard blow instead of going with pure brute force.

She's found at the third level, and instantly joins the crew as soon as they arrive for her.

She's the kind of girl that is quiet but gives a lot of ideas and tips when confronting a Mega-Craft, as she gives tips to the player about the many Mega-Crafts they are about to fight.

Traits Edit

+Lyra is very smart and also a good companion when you're more strategic.

+Lyra knows a lot about the Mega-Crafts and gives good advice on how to destroy them.

-She is a typical quiet girl and doesn't gives that many tips.

Relationships Edit

Player (Unit Commander): She's a supportive character and gives the player advices on how to stop the different mega-crafts, no direct relation has been developed between both the player and Lyra, but they developed a Casual Friendship.

Genu: At first Lyra doesn't trusts Genu a lot, but as the missions go by, she ignores this feeling more, and she keeps a formal friendship with Genu until the end, when she started seeing Genu as another enemy that should be dismissed.

Neko: Lyra seems to know Neko since way back before the events of the games, they both share a best friend relationship, and both support each other, they both are left with the player at the end and both make their best to find Genu in the Enigmata galaxy.

Nikki: Through all the game, Lyra doesn't cares about Nikki, as for Lyra, Nikki is just another enemy.

Villalobos: As with Nikki, Lyra doesn't develops any feelings for Villalobos, the only feeling that she has developed is the hatred towards him.


Trivia Edit

  • Lyra seemed to work in the project to create the ultimate Super Mega-Craft that Genu steals at the end of the game.