Devastator is a valuable class B Mega-Craft.


Overview Edit

Devastator is a powerful class B Mega-Craft. It is implied that Devastator is an older ship, as the Allegiance first came to power in Spiral, the system it defends. It is called one of the Allegiance's most prized Mega-Craft, which initially doesn't make much sense- they have four class-A Mega-Craft near the capital. It makes more sense if you think about it, though- the ship was around during the Dawn of the Allegiance, is full of old design secrets, and has some really destructive attacks, especially enraged.

Fighting Devastator is a wake-up call. Devastator will destroy beginner bases with ease. He'll go down pretty easily if you have Nyons or Korazons, but without enough DPS you won't be able to get past the healing drones and kill him before he enrages. If you have no advanced units by level 8, this will be the end for you.

Attacks Edit

Stars Edit

The most used attack of the Devastator is to launch stars from the outer guns. The ship will launch quite a few stars. Thankfully, with good defenses, this attack won't do much.

Orbs Edit

The ship's middle guns spray a swath of orbs from time to time. This attack can cause a lot of damage if you don't have a good base.If you have walls, high-health barriers, or shielded barriers, the orbs usually just bounce off.

Swords Edit

The ship's central guns fire a barrage of sword beams from time to time. These deal a lot of damage and can destroy units that aren't protected or healed. This attack is very dangerous. In the Mini Games video, Devastator at about half health fired a massive barrage of swords into a series of barriers and blew himself up, destroying a Zen Reaper squadron commander with him.