Defensive Wall
The Defensive Wall is another common rare. They are long and thin, but have good hp and healing abilities making them excellent for defense. Unlike any other defense currently offered it can be rotated to be horizontal or vertical.


  • Terra Alloy - Provides a flat boost to maximum HP (Flash only)
  • Mode Shift: Provides different bonuses for the Defensive Wall. (Mobile Only)
  • Auto Heal - Periodically heals the unit
  • Healing Amplifier - Increase the effect of healing

Rarity and drop requirements Edit

- Requirement 1: The game generates random number between 0 and 1. If the value is smaller than 0.00035 then proceed to Requirement 2.

- Requirement 2: Highest Level achieved > 3 (i.e. drops only if you've beaten Kenta Phi - doesn't mean it can't drop on Section IV (!) )

If all 2 of the above are achieved, the killed unit drops Defensive Wall.

Maximal amount of Defensive Wall that you can have (field + inventory): 10

/Taken directly from the game code./

Mode ShiftEdit

Mode Shift is an upgrade that provides different bonuses for the Defensive Wall, and is exclusive to the mobile version of the game, replacing Terra Alloy. It also changes the colour of the Defensive Wall.

  • Mode Shift I: Defensive Wall is pink, and takes 10% less damage.
  • Mode Shift II: Defensive Wall is blue, and has a 2% chance to stun attackers.
  • Mode Shift III: Defensive Wall is green, and increases the effects of Auto Heal by 25%.
  • Mode Shift IV: Defensive Wall is yellow, and has a 2% chance to confuse attackers.
  • Mode Shift V: Defensive Wall is purple, and has a 1% chance to instantly kill attackers, which is identical to Darkness Barrier.
  • Further upgrading Mode Shift will repeat the pink-blue-green-yellow-purple cycle.



  • Defensive Walls in the mobile version of the game are longer than their Flash counterparts.
  • The Defensive Wall is one of two units to currently have the Mode Shift Upgrade, the other being the Hurricane.