This page is a comparison of all units with healing abilities. The three main units a player will come across are the Vira Savior, the Sanctum Beacon, and the Vira Healer. The sanctum becacon is only obtainable as a rare map pick-up.

Vira SaviorEdit

The vira savior does not take up stationary space and has a significant amount of health. The Vira Healer is a stationary unit with a long healing range that is unlocked immediately in the game. The sanctum beacon slower than both vira's, and is only obtainable as a pickup, but is a relatively common pickup. It is able to heal in multiple directions during its healing period, but has a short range that cannot be increased by buffs.

Viability of all units at difficult levelsEdit

A potential issue with the vira savior is that during boss fights it may not necessarily focus on healing frontline units.